Jon Sinclair is a by far the best vocal coach I’ve ever used. I had an audition and needed immediate help; Jon was there when I needed him the most. The results were astonishing! I had more vocal power and control than ever before without straining my voice on the high notes. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone who wants great results in a short period of time.

Colette, Vocalist/performer


Jon was a blast to work with! His studio is great and he makes you
feel right at home! He did an excellent job on my demo, and I hope to
be able to work with him on future projects as they arise.-

-Erica Maxwell, recording artist

Erica Maxwell

BTW. The worship was great! People said they thought my voice was better than ever, that I had a cleaner high and seemed like I had more overall control. The only problem was that people were eating and talking while we did the songs. It was just like playing in a bar!! Most of them were non-believers! It cracked me up! Don Sloss, Gospel Singer

Jon helped me tremendously when I was going crazy over voice problems. I had sung my whole life without any issues, but then suddenly it seemed I couldn’t get through a 45 minute set without control problems and hoarseness. I tried everything I could think of and nothing was helping. My confidence was extremely low and I was worried so much about performing that I wasn’t enjoying it at all.
Jon gave me a few exercises and went through my technique and was able to pin-point the trouble almost immediately. I was able to put his suggestions to work right away and noticed a remarkable
difference. Needless to say, I would recommend his vocal coaching to anyone! I plan on continuing my vocal instruction from Jon, because if he can make that big a difference with just a few sessions, it can
only get better.”

Thanks Jon

Douglas (lead singer/guitarist)


We would highly recommend Jon Dunmore Sinclair to anyone looking to improve their singing voice. We recently sent one of our clients to him for vocal coaching prior to her audition for a lead role in the Broadway show “Rent”. After several one on-one-lessons with Jon, you could easily hear a marked improvement in vocal tone, which led to a second callback for that role.
We have also referred to Jon one of the finalists in the “American Idol” competition.

Mike Wyner
Director of Promotion
NOMA Music

Mike Wyner

President, NOMA Music

Jon enabled me to become aware of what was hindering
my vocal performance. He communicated the answers to
the questions I had about the voice and singing that
no other teacher has been able make clear. After a
couple lessons, my understanding of singing and my
vocal ability had shifted entirely. Quickly and
efficiently Jon gave me the tools and the
unconditional support to live what I have always
dreamed of with my voice.
Thanks Jon!!!

Josh Rosebrook, writer/vocalist/Universal Music


I don’t mean to sound so surprised or naive about your music, but it is REALLY, REALLY GOOD! Not just the song you recorded for Brooke but also the music recorded on The Balladeer. I was immediately drawn to the song, I Believe in You and I think your arrangement of Amazing Grace is perhaps one of the best I’ve ever heard. As verbose as I can be at times, I find myself lacking the ability to express my enthusiasm and excitement to having hooked up with you. I guess I should probably begin with the song you wrote for

Bill Themenager