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Continued……..Determined to become a singer I embarked on vocal training, first with a classical voice teacher. That was a horrible experience, an old lady that smelt like mothballs in a dark room w a piano, but…I did learn how to use my diaphragm. Still not satisfied I went on to work with Glyn Jones in London, this is where “I GOT IT”. That “GOT IT MOMENT” I still remember to this day. Glyn was more of a contemporary rock/pop teacher, he was also working with Annie Lennox and Gladys Knight at the same time. He got right to the point and pulled a voice out of me I had never heard before. From there I went on to record and re record all my vocals and got signed within 12 months. Next was tours, first was opening band for Gary Glitter. This was all great but my next Nightmare was facing me “PERFORMING LIVE” HEEELP…… I had little to no confidence live, my voice gave out at gigs and I was so stressed and nervous it almost ended my newly started career. While still working with Glyn I met with an amazing Hypnotherapist on Maddox Street, London. His name was Michael Joseph. Unlike a stage hypnotherapist, Michael worked with public speakers, actors/actresses etc. He was amazing. After our first meeting and learning the art of visualization it changed my entire future as a singer/front-man. I worked with Michael for a few years and eventually got my own license as a hypnotherapist. So between an awesome voice coach and a brain coach if you like, I have never looked back. Toured Europe, got a top ten in Germany then headed for another venture “NEW YORK CITY”. My band would not go so I went alone, with one promise to my guitarist…I will return to London within a month and pick you up in a Rolls Royce, with airline tickets a deal in place, gigs, management and a somewhere to stay in New York. I did exactly that, save for it was a Jaguar not a Rolls Royce. In NYC I was signed by Bob Schwaid (Natalie Cole), then by Bill Aucoin, (Kiss, Billy Idol, John Waites etc). I continued advanced vocal studies in NYC with Don Lawrence. He is also quite an amazing voice coach by the way, (Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera and Bono) plus many more I’m sure. Straight to the point, no messing about, he told you whether you could or couldn’t and why. One lesson with Don was in my opinion worth a dozen with your normal teacher or coach. After a few deals and now confident as a live performer I headed out to California where I was signed by KnighRanger producer Pat Glasser. Pat bought in KnightRanger members Kelly Keagie and Brad Gillis to perform with me and record an album for Atlantic at the time. It was around was around 1990 when I started SingClear Vocal school using all the experiences and training from the best coaches in the world that I had attained. I average 30 students a week, some known, beginners, adults and kids. For the serious singer, it only takes 4-6 lessons to get that voice you already have in control, BUT you really have to want it, practice not only the vocals but also do the physical work too. I offer new clients a 6-week crash course that is grueling. It Works, kind of like a boot camp for singers that want to be done with training ASAP.
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Jon D. Sinclair

Jon Sinclair
Mission Statement

The particular goals I strive to achieve with every client is to increase range and power, improve tonal quality, ensure pitch accuracy, eliminate vocal problems that could lead to injury, instill confidence and create a sense of ease in singing.

I love to help develop and nurture new talent, to hear a song being sang with emotion, spirit and ability. Everyone is different.

It is very important for me to know what you are trying to achieve before we start. If your voice does not suit the singer you wish to be then we have some realization to deal with before we can commence.

It is very common for singers to HATE the sound of their own voice, WHY?
Often because it does not sound like anyone else they have heard. This is the key to success, accept and love your voice with all its quirks or strangeness it has.

Vocal training is not meant to be boring, if all you sing are exercises, then ask yourself,” where are you going to sing these exercises”, I have yet to attend a concert singing hallelujah.

Vocal sessions are recorded on pro tools and transferred to a flash drive, iphone or CD for home review. This enables the singer to have practice material to review at home after the session. All sessions are individually noted as to progress and homework studies. A typical session begins with vocal exercises and warm up, followed by a practical application of these exercises to the client’s personal song selections. I find it extremely important for the singer to begin working on actual songs as soon as possible. I guarantee results on the very first lesson, you will experience a noticeable difference in your ability to sing immediately.

In 6 weeks or less you should have the tools you need vocally.

Credits and Affiliations

Teaching privately over 30 years. Trained many high profile artists. Worked with children in various LAUSD elementary schools. Teaches both voice and music including Guitar, Bass, Keyboards & Drums. Also speaker and host for various self-help and instructional/organizational workshops and seminars.

Martha Green, London. Studied Classical/Opera vocal studies
Glynn Jones, London. Studied pop/rock vocal studies Clients, “Annie Lennox and Gladys Knight”.

Hypnotherapy. Studied with Dr Michael Joseph, London.

Don Lawrence, New York. Pop/rock vocal studies. Clients, “Steven Tyler, Jon Bon Jovi, Axl Rose, Billy Joel, Christina Aguilera, EnVogue, ect. and The Rolling Stones”.

Board Certified Hypnotherapist. Became licensed in hypnotherapy in CA.


School Teacher, LAUSD Elementary                                                                                                        2007-2010
Enrichment Education Experiences.
Teaching music and voice at the following LAUSD schools; Kester Magnet Elementary, Riverside Elementary, Hesby Elementary, Serrenia Elementary, Los Feliz Arts Charter School.

KnightRanger                                                                                                                                                    2002-2004
Sang with band members KnightRanger and produced an album for Atlantic records.

Production Manager for Amgen                                                                                                                2004-2007
Duties included; training doctors how to play instruments, helping with vocal arrangements, arranging songs, managing schedules, financial budgeting, contractual correspondence and PR work with Amgen clients.

Music Publisher                                                                                                                                               2002-2013
Enclosed Music, BMI. Overseas licensing of recorded masters. Duties included negotiating publishing/licensing in USA and overseas sub-publishing. Negotiating sync fees. Drawing up and negotiating various contracts. Producing songs and music for overseas clients USA artists and labels.

Music Producer                                                                                                                                                 2002-2013
Own pro recording studio with high-end pro audio equipment, guitars, bass, piano, drums etc. Producing various artists.

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Vocal Performances & Original Works Of Jon D Sinclair
Alls songs ©Enclosed Music BMI.

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Mystery Train

The Patriot Song

Let It Rain

Hollywood Is Crying

Fighting Years

Don’t Come Crying

Amazing Grace


Jon D. Sinclair performs under the name “Jon Dunmore”, Jon has over 500 original works, with 5 albums released to date, plus inclusion in many major feature films and TV shows.
Jon is a live performer, prolific songwriter, arranger/ producer and owner of a 24 track studio facility. Jon has shared stage/worked with members of such great acts as Night Ranger, Steve Vai, , L7, Black Crowes, Procol Harum & LA Gun’s.
Jon is also an active Gospel singer.

For more samples of Jon’s CD’s and live performance dates go to his artist site,