This Could Be You !

This Could Be You !

This Could Also Be You !


Jon D. Sinclair

Voted Hollywood's Top Vocal Coach


The Cult, Beasty Boys, Michael Jackson, Lisa Loeb, Hanson’s, “NightRanger, Steve Vai, Black Crowes, L7, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Johnny Thunders, (NY Dolls), Mathew Fischer, (Procol Harum)”, Pat Benatar, Melissa Ethridge, Deep Purple, Kiss & Howard Jones .

Please Don’t Sing, Just Play Guitar…

This is what I was told by band mates when I had just started out in Leicester, England at age 16. I had less than an octave, no vocal power, a raspy gruff tone and I was totally out of tune.
Felt like I was being laughed at every time I opened my mouth to try to sing, it really upset me, actually it took away every bit of confidence and self esteem I had and I became afraid to sing in front of people all together. (read on)

All Ages

I love to work with kids and adults. Having worked in many elementary schools in LA.We have special kids programs and advanced adult programs to choose from 🙂

Online Lessons via Skype

If you live out of the area, working online is a great tool. I use SKYPE with a lot of clients. SKYPE is free software. Download Skype here –
Then make an appointment for a lesson online here –




Jon D. Sinclair
Sherman Oaks and Oxnard, CA
Ph: 818-433-8803 or 805-669-8614